National Airline of the state of Kuwait.

Operates a hub at Kuwait International Airport, serving local markets in and out of Kuwait as well as connecting markets thru its hub.

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Mr. Ahmed Al-Hilal
Commercial Director of Kuwait Airways:

"Jaap is the best consultant that I ever worked with."

The aviation environment in the Gulf region is extremely dynamic.

Kuwait Airways faces the challenge to position itself despite a number of unique set-backs.

For example, the company had to recover from a war in which it lost most of its fleet and has special obligations being state-owned.

Schedule Consult supported Kuwait Airways in dealing with these challenges.


Mr. Khalid Al-Ajmi - KWISPKU:

"I want to state for the records that Schedule Consult through Mr. Jaap has presented the most effective analytical study in regard to KU schedules.

KU has relations with many consultation entities, and by far Schedule Consult was the best in regard to the depth and creativity he has shown and presented.

I would highly recommend his services and his expertise in schedules planning and economic evaluation and justification."




Project Objective:

Identification of short-term possibilities to improve company results via adjustments in network and schedules.

Project Content:

Schedule Consult worked with a team composed by representatives from various company departments.

A thorough profitability analysis on the running schedule with Schedule Consult's unique methods was performed and evaluated together with the team members. Selection of short-term feasible options.


A new schedule, implementable on short term. The schedule improved operating results with a significant -undisclosed- amount.




Project Objective:

Reinforcement of the network strategy

Project Content:

Review of the companies strategic needs and opportunities, trade-off between various directions and adjustments to hub structure, fleet and crew planning. Included a screening of operational standards like the ground-time policy.


Improved awareness on critical cost factors and initiation of a significant cost drive, unmatched in the company's history. The study also layed out a consistent vision for long-term network development.